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Epic trek to the lighthouse

What an amazing day! I can't believe how tired I am. Walked about seven kilometres out the "Endikement" on the east side of Leslie Street Spit to the tip of the East Cove, then along the shoreline, pressing on through my ice cream headache, and over to the lighthouse on Vicki Keith Point. The point is named after the "Queen of the Lakes," Canada's most successful marathon swimmer who began and ended her double crossing of Lake Ontario at this point and raised more than $600,000 for the Variety Village pools and now coaches swimmers with disabilities.

Feeling like we'd reached the summit, we celebrated with hot chocolate and brownies.

The winds gusted up to about fifty-eight kilometres an hour at times and the wind chill dropped to lower than -21C. Brrr, chilly! How many different ways can I say C-O-L-D?

It was absolutely worth every snowflake in the eye: the spray shot up so high I had to wipe my camera lens frequently, but the ice-covered grasses looked like vast fields of bleached coral and the trees carried traces of every wave that's hit the shore since the ice storm.

Another five kilometres back in along the Spine Road, thrilled that we'd seen this stunningly beautiful landscape.

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