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Frozen Bits

You'll see a new section called Frozen Bits on the site this week! Check out the Water gallery where I've posted a few selected pics from shoots this winter. And, if you go to Stock photos, you'll see the whole collection of ice and snow images. I've visited a lot of different places all over Toronto during the last blustery months, and seen some beautiful sights. Although, I am a little concerned by the flock of robins I saw just after the ice storm.... Gives me hope, but they're in danger of freezing their feathers off!

As regular readers know, I have a great concern for our environment and particularly our Canadian waterways, and everything that swims in them or floats on them. So, I am horrified by the proposal to build a "Deep Geological Repository" or nuclear waste dump 680 metres underground, about 400 metres from the shores of Lake Huron. Fifty-three thousand containers of radioactive waste have no place in the vicinity of our precious freshwater supply. Please sign the petition urging The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, the Minister of the Environment, not to approve this proposed disaster. My protest banners are ready to go!

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